Brent and Stella Oxford

Hey Stella,
I just got back from the vet and he said Rosco was very healthy and very good looking! I just have to tell you, me and my husband can't believe how well he is doing! He lets me know when he needs to potty by soft growling at the door! lol.. You did very well with him! Me and my husband can't believe how well an 8 week old pup is doing on house training!
Also he doesn't mind the crate and he doesn't wine at all. You did well with the crate! It has made my job easier. He is adjusting really well. He loves to play with the kids. But I have to put his crate in the other room when he gets tired because the kids just can't get enough of him!

Thank you so much!
Brooke Roberts
Graham, TX


My girlfriend and I are very happy with our puppy. We have never seen such personality in a bulldog puppy before. With previously owning several dogs, Buffy deffinately is the best. She is just fabulous! I will tell all of my friends where to get their bulldog and that's Big Ox Bulldogs! Thanks Stella for all of your help! We will be adding a new bullie in the next couple of years and will definitely come back to you!

Bobby Smith
Wanette, OK

Hi Stella!

We are really enjoying Punky, now named Nenah. She immediately found a special place in all of our hearts and her place in our family! She is absolutely adorable! Everyone that sees her can't help but love on her. Thank you so much for getting her to us. She will always be a treasure to our family!

Carmen Stern
Livingston, TN

Hi Stella!

Thank you so much for our precious Shug! She is so great and she's the little clown that keeps us entertained! Buck says she is the best birthday present he's ever received! We'll have to stop by to let you see how much she is growing!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sandra and Buck Buchanan
Dickson, OK

Hi Stella,
Chad and I are loving our baby bulldog Harvey! He's been such a sweetie and his little personality is precious. Rosco (his big brother-french bulldog) and Harvey are having so much fun together and are best friends. They don't go anywhere without each other. Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family!

Love,Chad and Kadrian Whisenhunt
Dallas, TX

Brent & Stella,
We couldn’t be happier with Dexter who is now five months old.  He is very healthy, very happy and very well behaved. He gets along famously with his canine brothers, two year-old Guinness (bulldog) and 13 year-old Kaiser (basset hound).
From the moment I stumbled upon your website I was thoroughly impressed with you and your puppies. I wasn’t in the market for another bulldog but after watching your litter on the live puppy cam my husband and I fell in love with Dexter.  We just had to have him.
It was great to meet you and your family (human and canine) when you visited your daughter in Colorado. It was especially exciting for us to meet Dexter’s mother, Scarlet. Not only is she gorgeous, she is as sweet and happy as can be, as are all of your bulldogs we met that night.
It’s clear that you’re breeding for the right reasons.  You’re doing it out of love for the breed in addition to the thrill and satisfaction of raising each puppy. You give them a dedicated room, lots of love and plenty of fresh air and exercise. We couldn’t believe Dexter was virtually house-broken already.  I love how you post photos of each puppy with its new owner, and welcome updates and new photos so you can see how they’re doing.
Dexter is sitting at my feet as I write this letter. He is a big snuggle-bug which should prove interesting if he continues to sit in my lap when he’s full grown! When Kurt and I are ready for our next bully we’ll go straight to you.  My mother-in-law who you met when we picked up Dexter has had bulldogs for decades. She was likewise impressed and will also go directly to you when the time comes. 
Please feel free to use me as a reference; I can be contacted via phone or email. Thank you and best wishes on your next litter.

Monica Engler
Centennial, CO


Hello Stella,
   Sonny Boy is doing great, and he has been a perfect addition to our family!  Our girls love playing with him and he loves meeting their friends...He greets everyone who comes to our house with a kiss and a toy to play with! He is very friendly and gets along with our other dogs and cats. He has a wonderfully sweet personality and is always making us laugh.
We did a lot of research before purchasing our baby.  I love that you can view the babies and watch them grow.  Your pups are healthy and are raised in loving surroundings, and it shows by the way they act.  
We will definitely be getting another Bullie from you in the future!

Sincerely,Wade and Ginger RinehartEldorado, Texas

Hello Stella!
Hope all is well with you! I know it's been a long time coming, but I've finally sent you some pics of Ziva, now named Bella. She is a little over 6 mths and we are loving every bit of her! She is very healthy and happy. And she is quite a character. She's actually a star in my neighborhood! Every one just adores her sweet personality and can't get enough of her! Our friends and family are all delighted to have an adorable bully addition. Kyaw and I thank you so much for breeding these amazing puppies out of love. We have been recommending you to every one who stops us and Bella on the street and telling them how amazing of a breeder you are. Once again thank you so much!

Best wishesJess Tun
New York City, NY

"When you get a puppy from Big Ox Bulldogs, you are getting a friend for life. The boy, Moose, that I purchased from Stella has been nothing but a pleasure from the moment he came into my household! He came well trained, healthy and playful. It takes a lot of attention, care and special people to breed English bulldogs. The people at Big Ox Bulldogs take their operation very seriously and it shows in the quality of dogs that they produce. I highly recommend anyone looking at buying an English bulldog puppy to put Big Ox Bulldogs at the top of their list!"

Brandon Williamson
Perryton, TX

Dear Stella,
I wanted to let you know that Stryker has been doing great! I have not crated him yet! He cries to get on the sofa when he is tired, he sleeps in the middle of the bed and he has only had one accident in the house!  Stryker knows to go to the door and he goes out every two hours and he holds everything overnight! I had him at PetSmart yesterday and he was a HIT! 
Once again, thank you for a great puppy!

Michael Demler
Lebanon, PA

Hi Stella, I just wanted to write and say again thank you for letting us get Legend from you.  You may think I'm crazy but I truly believe he was meant to be with us for JDAM. (our older bully) We previously thought she had a torn ACL, but further tests revealed that she is suffering from cancer. Because JDAM is so debilitated by this, we have decided to have her put down soon but in the mean time, she goes off and lays in our bathroom. She has never done that before so we think that is her way of going off to die like a lot of animals do. The reason I said Legend was meant to be with us, he goes and lays with JDAM a lot. He snuggles right up to her like he is comforting her and letting her know she is not alone. It is so sad. We should have done the inevitable already, but my husband is working long shifts this week and he wants to be there.  I love her so much. Thank God and thank you for Legend.

Junita Emrick
Parkersburg, WV
March 17, 2014 

Hi Stella!
Memorial Day '13, Jeff found All About Tinker on your website and we knew it was meant to be since we were previously stationed at Tinker Air Force Base (even though the hubby really didn't want a dog)! A week later Tinker was all ours and the joy she's brought to all who know her is still amazing. We laugh with/at her on a daily basis and she's an absolute perfect fit with our family and yes, Jeff loves her so much, too. :-) You are an amazing lady and I knew from my first talk with you that you love what you do and care so much about the babies. When we get to our final base we'll get Tinker Belle a buddy and he/she will definitely be from you!

Your friends, 

Rebecca, Jeff, Morgan & Sydney Dawson & Tinker Belle
Aurora, CO